What is Austin Wine Educators?

AWE is a wine education company designed specifically to give wine guidance and private and public classes to the greater Austin community.  Every year, I speak with thousands of consumers who are lost in the sea of scores, flowery and vague criticism, and casual recommendations only to find that wine they seek is not available in Texas.  Because of the complexity of the industry, AWE strives to be your local source of reviews, suggested themed tastings, and public classes and seminars.

There are many Journalists, Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers, and Certified Wine Educators who sell online courses or wine journals that suggest certain wines to illustrate particular topics in the world of wine.  However, often the wines discussed in these classes or reviews are either not available in Texas or are chosen purely because they are available in every state of the US, are national/over-produced wines (see my article on Lowest Common Denominator Wines), and tend to infuriate their paying audience by their scarcity.  This fact, in my opinion, makes these wine celebrities’ expertise irrelevant; therefore, I urge you to seek out a local wine educator.

I hope the visitor of this website will garner some insight from the wine reviews and essays, whether they are a resident of Austin or not.  I hope that people who are interested in learning and being part of a wine loving community attend every public tasting.  And, I hope that you consider creating a private and themed tasting for your next party or gathering.